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Driver Education is a foundation course, teaching the theory of responsible driving. Emphasis is placed upon introduction of the mechanics of driving, execution of most driving operations, and a thorough understanding of the rules of safe driving.

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Driving can become automatic. While we can't drive with our eyes closed, we can drive without giving driving much thought. Your son or daughter will share the road with drivers who aren't thinking about driving. They're thinking about work, the weekend, family, they are on talking phone or sending someone a text.

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While we cannot drive with our eyes closed, we often drive without giving driving much thought. Your New Driver will be sharing the road with someone who is not thinking about driving…they are thinking about work, home, the weekend, family…they may be on their phone talking or texting.

Many times distracted drivers do not notice problems until the last second; they react suddenly and blindly to changing traffic situations. Their actions put other drivers at risk – Especially New Drivers who lack the experience to safely respond to the sudden actions of other drivers. At Interface Driving Academy we will help your daughter or son learn how to manage the threats presented by other drivers.

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$435 DOL Exams included!

Partnering with Parents to Help New Drivers Become Safe Drivers!

We work to create an interactive classroom where students learn how to manage the risks associated with driving. Parents love the student drive reports we send after every drive. The reports let them know in which areas their new driver is doing well and in which areas they could use some help.

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North Spokane - 321 W Hastings Rd, - Behind the Fairwood Animal Hospital on Hastings and Bellwood.

Central Spokane - 1522 N Washington St - Across N Washington from North Central High School.

South Hill - We teach classes at Lewis and Clark and Ferris High Schools Wilbur-Creston High School

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