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Drivers Education

Drivers Education Classes

For Oklahoma Residents at least 15 years of age. This is a total of 10 hours classroom instruction and 6 hours of private behind the wheel training. Upon completion a certificate will be issued.


Private Driving

Private Driving Lessons

For valid permit holders interested in obtaining behind the wheel training to increase knowledge and promote safe driving skills. This is a private session with a 2 hour, minimum purchase.

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Defensive Driving Program

Defensive Driving Program

For valid permit or license holders, theory session reviewing the components of defensive driving, followed by one hour of behind the wheel. This is a private session of 2 hours, upon completion a certificate is issued.

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For valid permit holders interested in receiving behind the wheel instruction for the Road Test. This is a private session no more than 40 minutes, reviewing the maneuvers a student must do to pass the driving test.

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About Us

Mission Statement:
No life should be lost, nor injury sustained due to the lack of safe driving skills or the awareness of the responsibility involved to operate a vehicle.

Licensed and regulated by the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, Driver License Division. Serving the State of Oklahoma and its residents. Promoting public safety through education, training, engagement, and commitment.

About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I enroll in a class, schedule private lessons, schedule a pretest, schedule a road test, or view pricing of services?
Do I need to get a permit before I can start the Behind the Wheel driving portion of the driver's education class?
What does DPS mean?
What does DMV mean?

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Driver Testing Services

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