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There are 5 types of driving schools. You can know which school you are talking to by the emphasis in their sales pitch.

full course in-car only


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Winner of the Top Choice Award for Driving Schools in the Ottawa Region for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017

Our goal is to teach you how to drive well for many years to come. This means we go beyond just helping you have a driver's license, beyond just passing a MTO road test, beyond just avoiding collisions, beyond just feeling confident, and beyond a record of successful completion on your Drivers License History. You will learn a quality of driving that is unsurpassed.

We have a virtual reality, kinaesthetically correct, simulator as part of our program to aid our high standards of quality driving. In the car, we don't put you into dangerous situations on purpose. However, on the simulator, we do. So you get a full range of driving experiences.

As a valuable part of our service, we have 7 on-line exclusive to EXTRA MILE Driving School instructional videos on driving manoeuvers. These videos supplement the in-car portion of the course and become available for viewing after the 2nd in-car lesson. They help the student review the manoeuvers they were taught in-car as often as needed. As well, they also allow the sponsor to know what the student's been taught in-car and is practicing their manoeuvers correctly. CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEOS.

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With our curriculum of Class, Simulator, and Car, you will, by far, get the best beginners driving course in Eastern Ontario.

  • Our 20 hours of dynamic interactive in-class focuses on attitude
  • Our 35 simulation scenerios focuses on anticipation
  • Our 10 hours of automatic or 12 hours of manual in-car lessons focuses on technique

Our In-class instructors are fantastic. They have a sincere interest in helping you learn how to drive and understand each point as needed. In the in-class you will be surprisingly more attentive than expected and you will learn far more than expected.

Our virtual reality, kinaesthetically correct simulator is the first of its kind in Canada. Virtually reality goggles present a 360ยบ Panoramic view of the road. You drive, look for, and respond to danger the same way, as you do in a real car.

Our In-car instructors work 1-on-1 and they go to your home, work, or school, for pick-up and drop-off. They work beyond trying to get you to just pass a road test. For example, you don't just learn a good-enough three-point turn. You learn the best three-point turn there is. You learn a quality of driving that is truly exceptional.

We have been incorporated since 2003. We are proud of our school, our courses, our locations, Carleton Place, Arnprior, and Stittsville, our staff, and of course our customers.

We provide a Ministry of Transport Approved Beginner Driver Education Course. Upon successful completion you receive a record of such on your Drivers License History that is recognized by the Insurance Industry and the Ministry of Transport.

The success rate for you to pass the MTO test on the first try after taking our course is phenomenally high.

The testimonials of all our students are extremely positive. The testimonials of the families of our students are incredibly positive as well. We are comfortable that when you become and alumni of EXTRA MILE Driving School you will speak positively about our school as well.

Thank you to all of the students who have attended our school to date. We look forward to seeing you driving safely in the future.

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