On January 1, 1998, Louisiana implemented a graduated licensing program. It is known as the R.Y.A.N ACT (Reduce Youth Accidents Now) and was named for a fifteen year old, Ryan Lee, who lost his life in a traffic accident a few short months after being licensed. The GDL (Ryan Act) does not attempt to directly change driver behavior.

This law limits a new driver's exposure to high risk situations, such as driving at night. Limitations are lifted gradually as a driver becomes more mature and gains experience by developing his or her driving skills to become a safe and responsible driver. As your instructor, I will make it my mission to prepare you in the classroom and on the road to fulfill all the requirements to obtain a driver's license and to become a safer driver.

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New state requirement for first time drivers

Taking your driving education course is no longer the first step to getting a learners permit.

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